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    Ginga takes a mindful approach to beauty. Focusing on wellness, the environment, and the people and animals you care about.

Ginga's Mission

Our Ethos is Our Purpose

We believe that a real natural product should hold itself to a higher standard and provide a natural solution at every step of its production and life cycle. 

We want to be able to pick a product from the store shelf and know first of all, that it’ll work. The next thing we look for...

The next thing we want is not to have to worry about the ingredients… we can always google them but it would be nice to not have to- to know that the company that makes the product, stands for something.

We also want to make sure that the packaging isn’t something that’ll end up wrapped around an animal or even something that claims it’s “green” and “sustainable” but grown on cleared out rainforest. It would also be nice to know that the company that sells the product uses its earnings to improve our community, treats its employees well, and is an organization people would be proud to be a part of.

That’s why we created Ginga… to start feeling good. All that stress and frustration that come with trying to pick a great product? We don’t like that.

We give people a product that will address everything they care about and not just pick one noble goal and forget about the rest. We don’t want to have to feel like every decision needs to be a compromise of our values in some way. That does not feel good. It wears you down over time to have to keep your standards low. That’s stressful – and these days we know that stress affects beauty. So there you go! We’re actually making natural beauty products that improve your natural beauty before you even open them. Start feeling good again!

We don’t have secret ingredients. We’re down to earth with muddy hands and grass stains on our butts. We obsess over every ingredient before we use it in a product and make sure that the science is there and the results are obvious.

Almost everywhere we look compromises are made and risky ingredients slip into the mix even when safe alternatives exist, sometimes products are packaged in things you know will end up in the ocean or being a problem for other people, and in some cases the products are great but the companies that sell them are a little shady. What we do is promise to make safe products that don’t put profit ahead of our values.

We believe that everyone deserves to know what’s in the products that go on their body and the upside and downside for each ingredient. We know that our customers will appreciate our obsessive focus on everything that goes into making our products.




Wanda Malhotra is equal parts Italian and Indian. Born and raised in Brazil she has always been immersed in Ayurveda and organic living. Wanda has been creating natural, vegan and organic products with sustainable packaging since 1995 when she co founded Surya Brasil. She founded Ginga to give consumers a premium, healthy, effective, and guilt-free alternative to traditional beauty products.

Photographer: Roberto Assem



Edo Shellef comes most recently from industrial chemicals where he invented patented formulas that replaced high global warming chemicals and hazardous air pollutants with more ecologically responsible and non-polluting compositions. His passion for natural products and sustainable production came out of spending summers with his eco-conscious uncle in the Hudson Valley; an incubator for the movements that led to the mainstream demand for organic farming, biodynamics, farm-to-table, locavore food, permaculture, and sustainable manufacturing.