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Why Ingredients Matter In Skincare

June 05, 2018

Why Ingredients Matter In Skincare

Pollutants can cause us to age, the sun can lead to discoloration and fluctuating weather conditions can dehydrate our skin.

Prevention is better than cure and our skin care regimes are designed to counteract the damage we face every day.


Have you ever stopped to look past the bold claims, luxurious names and enticing descriptions of your skincare products? Have you dared to decipher those ingredients lists?



Getting to Know Your Ingredients List

The ingredients we put on our skin could actually be doing more harm than good…

Unfortunately, many ingredients lists aren’t user-friendly. The use of INCI names, a widely used naming system for cosmetics, can see damaging ingredients hidden behind lesser-known vocabulary.

At Ginga we want you to never unknowingly put dangerous chemicals on your skin. That’s why we never use parabens, sulfates, petrolatum, silicones, propylene glycol or phthalates in any of our products. Not only can these irritate the skin, but some have been linked to cancer and can mimic hormones interfering with the reproductive system.

Skin Nourishing Ingredients


To get deep cleansing and revitalizing benefits you don’t have to depend on harmful and unnecessary synthetic ingredients. We have made it our mission at Ginga to take the best that nature has to offer and turn that into high-quality skincare.

Here are some of the ingredients we have infused in our Biodynamic Purifying Cleanser and Biodynamic Rejuvenating Serum, and why…





Activated Charcoal


Sourced from coconut husks, activated charcoal has an extremely large surface which is incredibly porous. 

It essentially works like a magnet, attracting bacteria and grime out of the pores that they clog - making this an ideal ingredient for those with acne and breakout prone skin


Organic Aloe Leaf Juice

A 100% natural plant extract, aloe leaf juice is a brilliant skin moisturizer, perfect for all skin types because it doesn’t leave a greasy feel to the skin.

Its healing properties treat breakouts and scarring, and the antioxidants in this gel-like substance can prevent the signs of aging by keeping skin plump.



Hyaluronic Acid


Sourced by fermenting root vegetables and leafy greens, we have ensured the hyaluronic acid in our skincare is in line with our vegan and cruelty-free status. 

Even though our skin naturally produces it, our stores can get depleted through aging, pollutants and UV exposure. Important for maintaining moisture in the skin, it’s a much welcomed natural ingredient in our cleanser and serum, even allowing our cells to function correctly, as well as facilitating wound and tissue repair. 


Organic Jojoba Oil


Jojoba oil is waxy in texture, similar to the sebum our skin produces - making it a great hydrator. Not only does it offer moisture, but it also helps to regulate the skin’s natural oil production - minimizing breakouts. 


It also benefits those prone to acne by working deep into skin, dissolving the build-up of bacteria in pores, leaving behind clear and cleansed skin.


Organic Rooibos Leaf


Commonly drunk as tea, rooibos leaf can benefit your skin when applied topically. It contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) which exfoliate the skin without the need for harsh scrubbing particles.

Rooibos is also antioxidant-rich, helping to protect and repair cells against the damage they face every day from environmental pollutants. 


Choose Your Skincare Wisely

At Ginga we believe in full transparency by clearly listing the names of our ingredients. We formulate our products with natural ingredients to nourish your skin in a safe and healthy way.

As a company we are proud of our cruelty-free status and environmental stance, but we also care a great deal about your skin and health.
We never have and never will compromise on quality and safety, so you can be assured by purchasing from Ginga you’re benefiting your skin without risking your health.



Written by: Michaela Salacinski