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The Benefits of Face Masks for Men

April 05, 2018

The Benefits of Face Masks for Men

Listen up men!

Think face masks are reserved for girly sleepovers and gossip sessions?

Not any more! 

In fact, shunning the face mask means you’re missing out on a whole range of benefits…even designed to help out your manly skin!

Trust us…



Face Mask Benefits for Men

As huge believers of kaolin clay, we have formulated our masks with this ingredient only - it really does speak for itself. In fact, take a look at just some of the skin benefits of this 100% naturally sourced ingredient…


  • Anti-Aging

Yes, even you 20-something year olds should be concerned with this - get ahead of the game! Kaolin clay can clear away dead skin cells and encourage the generation of new cells for youthful looking skin!


  • Acne Fighting

Clears out pores and closes them up, preventing the build up of dirt. Skin is tightened and blemish free as a result!


  • Skin Protecting

Eco-warriors listen up! Kaolin clay can fight-free radicals leaving skin looking healthy and youthful.


  • Hydrating

Removes pesky excess oil, but won’t dry out the skin, leaving your face feeling smooth and supple.


  • Balancing

If your skin is either too dry or an oil slick it means that your skin is out of balance. Kaolin clay can get it back in line by regulating the skin’s oil production - meaning happy, healthy skin.


How To Mask

After that list it’s easy to see why we chose kaolin clay as the ingredient for our masks. At Ginga we believe in using natural ingredients that are safe for the skin and are also better for the environment.

Because of this, a small amount of prep work is needed for our masks - don’t worry it’ll take seconds and your skin will thank you for it!

Here’s our easy step-by-step masking guide:



We stock 3 different masks that are all composed from kaolin clays sourced from different parts of the world. Each region is known for its specific mineral composition and that is why we have a different type of kaolin to treat each kind of concern: anti-aging, blemish control and pore refining.



Mix 1 tsp of powder and ½ teaspoon of liquid together to form a paste consistency. You can use a plant-based milk or choose from herbal teas, aloe-vera or coconut water. However, filtered water is great too and you can start experimenting once you get the hang of it.



Carefully apply a thin layer over the face taking care to avoid the eye and mouth areas.



Let the mask do it’s magic until it’s completely dry and then rinse off.



Repeat this process 2-3 times a week for maximum benefits.



Bearded Boys Can Mask Too

Beards are in, with many men proudly supporting a well groomed look. However, a kaolin mask could be the product missing from your beard care routine…

The oil absorbing properties of kaolin are so fine-tuned that it won’t dry out your skin or hair! Instead of lacking life your beard will be strong, polished and in great shape!

To apply all you need to do is take your time and part sections of your beard, massaging the mask into the skin between the hairs. Finish with a few drops of beard oil and you’ll be looking fresher than ever.



Multi-Tasking Masking

 As Ginga masks are purely natural kaolin, they can also be used on other areas of the body.

If you experience dry, oily or blemish prone patches elsewhere, then you can apply the masks as normal on these sections of skin too!

We also recommend adding a few teaspoons of our formula into a bath to soothe sensitive skin - it’s especially good for those prone to eczema.



Mask On

Now that you know that the benefits of face masking extends further than one gender, there are no excuses! Get masking with any of our 3 natural face masks, designed for individual needs.

We love them and know you will too - so mask on!



Written by: Michaela Salacinski