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Ginga's Social Responsibility

May 17, 2018

Ginga's Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility is important to us here at Ginga. It’s at the core of everything we do.

As a vegan company, we want to do more than sell products that were produced as animal and cruelty free. We want to support and give back to the organizations that protect and nurture these vulnerable creatures.

These charities are integral to the vegan movement, working hard to raise awareness. We’ll dive more into their work later, but here’s why more insight is still needed when it comes to animal welfare…

At Ginga, we want to help protect animals from suffering, and it is through our social responsibility programs and by supporting organizations that we do so.

The truth is that animal cruelty is still rife, even in the cosmetic industry.



The Truth About Animal Welfare


It’s estimated that roughly 500,000 animals, including rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits, are suffering and dying every year as a consequence of cosmetics testing (1). 

Chemicals are rubbed into the eyes and shaved skin of these animals, which can lead to swollen eyes, blindness and sores (2). Not only that, but there are tests that force-feed animals lethal doses to check ‘safe levels’!

The sad truth is that there are more than 40 alternative testing methods that don’t cause animals harm which are much more effective in determining whether a product is safe for human use. For example, testing methods EPISKIN and EpiDerm use human reconstructed skin (2). The science has moved on, but sadly some laws and companies have not.


Ending the Cruelty


Fortunately, there are like-minded people out there who are taking a stance and making a change when it comes to animal welfare.

At Ginga we proudly support these causes that research into animal testing alternatives and educate consumers on choosing ethical products.


PETA and Leaping Bunny are two incredibly reputable companies that conduct thorough checks on brands and their products before allowing the use of their certification logos. 


Unfortunately, companies own ‘vegan’ labels aren’t regulated (4), however, PETA and Leaping Bunny are two you can 100% trust, and we believe in full transparency. That’s why we went through the rigorous application process to obtain both of these certifications to show all our products are fully vegan and cruelty-free!




Charitable Causes


As a company we like to be aware of our social responsibility, so we donate to and support good causes where we can. Therefore, we’re proud to be a Leaping Bunny Partner! This means whenever anyone makes a purchase using the code ‘LEAPINGBUNNY’ 5% will be donated to support the work of the Leaping Bunny Program, which aims to educate others about companies that do and don’t test on animals. 



We are also big advocates for the great work that is undertaken at The Gentle Barn. With three locations: California, Tennessee and Missouri, The Gentle Barn is a large expanse of land that lends itself as the perfect animal sanctuary. Housed there are animals, such as horses, chickens and pigs, who have been rescued from unbelievable neglect. 

The aim of The Gentle Barn is to protect these animals and educate others on the power of connecting with these amazing and loving animals. By sharing the stories of these wonderful animals, the charity is raising awareness of animal cruelty and inspiring others to make a change.

By selling our products at local vegan events, we are also able to raise more awareness for these amazing non-profits and help them by donating a percentage of our sales to their cause.


We recently set up shop at Nashville Vegfest and will be at Vegfest in NYC May 19th and 20th at the Metro Pavillion. This event promotes a lifestyle free from animal cruelty, actively spreading the message of veganism. Throughout the day, talks from guests advocating compassion for all beings empower change. Its growing presence, through social media and sponsors, make Vegfest a thriving inclusive social environment that inspires change. 


How You Can Help


By supporting cosmetics companies that are certified cruelty-free, you are taking a stand against the cruel and outdated practices that go on. If we don’t make a stand then things aren’t going to get better. 

Instead of waiting for the government to step in to make a change, be the change you wish to see! PETA and Leaping Bunny both have directories that you can search to discover which companies are and aren’t certified. 

Donating money directly to causes that support the welfare of animals, such as The Gentle Barn, PETA or the Leaping Bunny Program, is also helping to tackle the problem. Why not visit The Gentle Barn to witness first hand their beautiful space and the great work they do? Spread the message and live the message, and let’s all help put an end to animal cruelty!




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Written by: Michaela Salacinski