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5 Everyday Things That’ll Make You Look and Feel Better

February 21, 2018

5 Everyday Things That’ll Make You Look and Feel Better

Feeling good? Want to feel better?

Natural improvements don’t always take much to help us feel stronger and perform better.

And the good news is that if we focus on what’s going on inside our bodies, then it soon starts to show on the outside. It can improve the clarity of our skin and our body’s natural glow, giving us that natural beauty that everyone wants. 


Sounds good, right?

Some healthy lifestyle choices require little or no effort at all. Even if you already do some of them, sometimes just being mindful of the benefit makes it even more effective. So here are the ways to improve how you look and feel every day just by doing 5 simple things.



Photo by: Michael Henry1. Take a short, brisk walk

Any form of movement is beneficial for your body and your mind; however, walking is particularly effective as it strengthens your bones and your heart, lowers your blood pressure, and helps you sleep better.

Even if you can only manage 15 minutes per day, or every other day, short, regular walks can improve circulation and clear your mind after a particularly stressful day at work or school.

And if it’s sunny outside?


Even better!

Moderate sun exposure provides you with those mood-enhancing vitamin Ds, which also boost the immune system.

Win, win.



Photo by: Monika Grabkowska2. Liquids - not just plain water

Sure, drinking water really helps to keep your body hydrated and your mind fresh throughout the day; however, did you know that too much water consumption can be bad for you?

Overhydration can lead to water intoxication, which occurs when the amount of salt and electrolytes in your body become too diluted.

However, the antioxidants found in tea or coffee reduce your risk of diabetes, protect the heart, and lower your chance of developing a range of cancers. 

Ever tried herbal infusion drinks?

It turns out that they’re incredibly good for you whether you prefer them hot or cold. From reducing inflammation to improving digestion, the herbs involved in each drink have various health benefits.




Photo by: Brooke Lark3. Add some everyday super-foods

We’re all aware that we need to eat a varied & balanced diet, but... there are superfoods that are so easy to add daily that it almost feels like cheating.

For instance, blueberries are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin A and C, which boost cardiovascular health.

Not a fan of blueberries on their own?

Sprinkle a few of them over some coconut- or almond-milk yogurt. The probiotic organisms found in plant-based yogurts improve your immune system and are believed to provide protection against cancer.

Spinach is also great for its omega-3 fatty acids which are known to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. In addition to spinach, these omega-3s are found in walnuts, which are full of protein.


Need some brain power?

Go for some black beans!


Oh, and don’t forget to try oats in the morning - they’re a great source of fiber and full of complex carbs that’ll help keep your energy levels consistent.



Photo by: Warren Wong4. Take a moment to think about your day

As well as eating healthier and walking, try to take five minutes at the end of each day to write down what you did today, as well as what you’d like to achieve tomorrow. Don’t wait until you’re trying to sleep and have these thoughts come up anyway.

Doing this can greatly reduce stress after you’ve had a long, hard day. It can also feel quite meditative, which relieves your mind, relaxes your whole body, and calms you down in preparation for sleep.


(All together now - breathe…)


Photo by: Dawid Sobolewski5. Remember to feel good

It goes without saying but, if you do something that you enjoy every day, then this will instantly boost your mood. And, when you’re in a good mood, that happiness radiates inside and out.

Whether it’s playing with your pet, spending time with friends, or taking a long, hot bubble bath solo, indulge in an activity that makes you smile and your day will feel brighter as a result.

Don’t forget to make yourself a priority sometimes.

Straightforward and affordable, you should totally introduce these 5 simple things into your daily routine if you haven’t already. They will enhance your mood and provide you with a better outlook on life.

And who can say no to that?



written by: Katie Davies