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3 Ways the Ginga Serum Enhances Your Skin

June 15, 2018

3 Ways the Ginga Serum Enhances Your Skin

Our skin is important. In fact, it’s the largest organ in the human body! The skin on our face needs particular care and attention. 

The truth is…

Sun, pollutants, dirt and bacteria - they’re all wreaking havoc on our skin. As a result, skin is left looking dull and aged. Sun spots, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles and dryness are just some of the results of poorly cared for skin.


At Ginga, we believe in high-quality, natural skin care that truly nourishes your skin - and that is exactly what you can expect from our Biodynamic Rejuvenating Serum.

A nutrient-dense formula, our serum is a therapeutic solution you can quickly and easily add to your skincare regimen, while reaping the rewards.

By bottling up the best the plant world has to offer, our serum delivers many benefits. Premium organic botanicals and skin enriching oils are packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. These work to repair, add much-needed hydration, fight the signs of aging as well as tighten and firm the skin - it’s multi-faceted!




Multifunctional Capabilities


We think carefully about the function of each product we formulate here at Ginga. We believe skincare is about quality over quantity. Our serum embraces that motto - designed to restore and protect the skin to restore optimum balance. In fact here are 3 unique ways that this enriched formula can benefit your skin:


It’s a More Powerful (But Lighter) Moisturizer


Designed to deliver nutrients deep into the skin, the serum offers the hydration of a moisturizer with added skin-boosting benefits.

Sunscreen is a summertime must, but prepping the face beforehand is key. A layer of the serum is the ideal SPF base. It gives skin that much needed hydration and adds a protective layer. Full of antioxidants, these work to fight free-radicals and sun damage. 

Not only that…

If you’re partial to some gardening or outdoor sports, you’ve also got sweat to contend with. This, as well as the sun, will try to disrupt your skin’s balance. Shielding your skin with our serum will defend against bacteria - keeping your skin clear and youthful. 



Primes the Skin for Makeup Application


Start using our serum and makeup will become a thing of the past as your healthy, glowing skin shines through. However, if you love make-up - read on! You may apply the Ginga serum prior to your primer, or other base makeup, and then apply your desired products.

It even contains skin protecting glycerin. This natural ingredient preps the skin in such a way that makeup can adhere to it more optimally. Its non-greasy finish means makeup can be applied just 1 minute after the serum, without running the risk of sliding around. 




Can Be Used Before (or Instead of) Night Cream


Even though our serum can boost skin throughout the day, its active ingredients continue to work throughout the night.

Beauty sleep is real…

The serum contains refreshing grapefruit oil - perfect for applying to the face after a pre-bed hot shower. Its therapeutic scent and feel make this a relaxing treatment to apply to prep your skin, and mind, for sleep - as well as working to smooth the face. 


Serious Serum Strength


It’s more important than ever that we give our skin the TLC it deserves and craves, as we enter the summer months. Fight sun damage and keep your skin healthy and protected with our super nourishing serum.

As if that wasn’t enough…

This potent enriched product was formulated for all skin types (including sensitive and oily). Our serum is the must-have skin product for summer and beyond, to maintain a youthful radiance and a healthy, clear complexion!





Written by: Michaela Salacinski