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10 Ways You Can Start Living More Sustainably

July 30, 2018

10 Ways You Can Start Living More Sustainably

We only have one Earth. One planet that we live and depend on, which can only produce a limited number of resources.

It goes without saying that we need to start living a greener lifestyle in order to survive. And, in 2018, being environmentally savvy has never been cooler. In fact, we’ve already come a long way.

There are plenty of improvements that we can easily make on a daily basis in order to do better. We’ve rounded up the 10 best ways you can start living more sustainably today, and fast.

1. Use a Reusable Straw

First thing’s first, swap your plastic straw for a reusable stainless steel version that you can take with you wherever you go. Not only are they dishwasher-friendly, but they will last the entire family for months to come.


2. Opt for Glass Containers

Rather than using wasteful plastic containers around the house, opt for their glass counterparts.

And, when it comes to bottled water, stop buying it and drink tap water whenever you can. Did you know that bottled water adds more than a million tons of plastic to the waste steam every year? We know - not cool.

Instead of adding to this number, simply start carrying around your own refillable bottle.


3. Plant Seeds

In terms of eating more sustainably, why not try growing your own food or spices at home?

Alternatively, if you’re struggling for space, you can always find a local urban community garden to host your planted trees.


4. Buy Second-Hand Clothing

When it comes to buying new clothes, try pre-owned, vintage, or charity stores as opposed to shopping at mass-produced high street chains.


And when you no longer want certain items? Extend their life by re-selling or donating them to those who will.

5. Avoid Animal Products

One of the heaviest burdens on the environment is the production of meat and other animal products. From the crops and water needed to feed the animals to the transportation involved, it all takes its toll on our poor planet.

Therefore, one of the most effective things you can do to lower your carbon footprint is to eat less meat or go completely vegan. Why not give it a try today?


6. Drive Less

If you want to make your daily commute more environmentally friendly, hop on your bicycle and leave your car at home.


Goodbye, toxic transport fumes - hello, happy Earth.

7. Reduce Household Energy

There are a few simple ways that you can be more sustainable around your home in order to conserve energy.

For example, turn off appliances and lights that you’re not using, hang clothes out to dry instead of using a dryer, and put on an extra layer instead of turning on the heating in cold weather.


And when it comes to bulbs? Use LED or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent lighting. They’re proven to last longer, so it really is a no-brainer.

8. Bring Your Own Shopping Bags

Whether you’re buying food at the grocery store or replacing your bathroom mat, take your own shopping bags and keep reusing them.

It sounds straightforward, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

9. Eat Locally

Speaking of grocery shopping, opt to support local, sustainable farmers.
Why, you ask? Supermarket products consume massive amounts of fossil fuel energy during the transportation process from global manufacturers to your local store.


Avoid grocery chains, eat seasonally, and buy your produce in bulk from farmer’s markets, and you can relax knowing that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

10. Opt for Sustainable Brands

Finally, always support brands that are ethical and environmentally conscious, especially in the beauty world.


Sea-polluting plastic microbeads might have been officially outlawed, but striving to adopt a greener beauty routine is still imperative. Opt for recyclable packaging instead of single-use plastics, choose natural products over harsh chemicals, and shop with brands that source their ingredients organically.

It’s a win, win situation!

Living sustainably has never been easier. Whatever changes you decide to adopt into your daily routine, remember that they’re considered small for us, but mighty for the environment.



Written by: Katie Davies